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One Night in Vegas
Release Date:VCD/DVD: 2013

The movie stars John Dumelo, as James; fresh out of a money laundry case and eager for a new life with his wife Jennie played by Yvonne Nelson is in government witness protection program somewhere; where you asked? We don’t know if we did then it wouldn’t be called a witness protection program. Even though I don’t think they should be protected from the viewers. I think they are in Virginia or Washington DC area; how do I know that? Washington Post blew the cover. I read about this film in the Washington Post. In Koby Maxwell’s One Night in Vegas, Hollywood actor Jimmy Jean Louise plays Nick, he is James’ family personal security and a smooth operator, why I said that you will find out for yourself in this movie written by Koby Maxwell (Paparazzi), screen played by B.J Winfrey, Tim Wilson & Jimmy Jean Louis. Right from the beginning of the movie we are aware of James (John Dumelo) having issues with his fiancée, why? We really don’t know. Now he stands to lose his cherished fiancée Jennie (Yvonne Nelson ) and so he suggests they fly to Vegas, just like that, and find a way to rekindle the romance or even better, he hopes to buff of the rust off the love they share and hopefully get back some of the old luster. If you asked me, I would say the Sin City might have been a bad idea; why you asked? 1) Too many temptations for a troubled relationship 2) James has a “Tony” problem and he lives in Vegas 3) wrong city if you are in a government witness protection program from a money laundry case. But Hey! Things happen. Even though Jennie has her doubt she agrees. James contacts his old pal Tony (Van Vicker) who lives in Las Vegas. Tony is a city slicker and knows all the after hour joints in the city with all the beautiful women to entertain. (He possibly knows the best happy hour joints too and they possibly know his name) That is really not what James needs in his life. Tony suggests a strip club for guys’ night out. Alas! Nick is sleeping with Jennie, well if you are really paying attention you would notice that at the beginning, he mentioned something about James’ ED problem when they were conducting training exercises in the woods. That gave away the movie too soon and the fact that there might be something between Jennie and Nick. “Move with me to Florida” Nick tells Jennie, well, what would you say to an offer like that? I ask not because I imagine you have been weighing such offers, but because the movie is deliberately designed to place the viewer in the position of assessing his or her own ideas about marital fidelity. Maybe if he had put a price tag on it instead of just been good in bed, maybe things could have worked out his way. One of the two men of course despises the other, but Nick is so smooth and cool we note it only in the precision of his timing and word choices.
In Vegas things get out of hands when James starts to drink. Oh I will also let you in on a little secret, James has Erectile Dysfunction also known as ED and in a layman’s term he can’t get the damn thing up unless he is drunk. I am not even sure if that is medically possible, as a matter of fact I think alcohol has the opposite effect, so I think his problem might be physiological. That is just my own personal opinion, Hey! What do I know? In One Night in Vegas an astonishing thing happens. Ashley (Saroj Bertin) a beautiful woman sees intoxicated James in the lobby of the club, and she decided to take advantage of him, not that he would mind, remember the script says alcohol solves his problems. The actual nights of adultery is wisely kept on screen long enough. And because the actors are all well-known stars, they elevate the subject to a more symbolic level (if the actors had been unknowns, we'd probably view the choice in a completely different light, also too much smooching and grinding would have sank the stock value of this good movie). Technically speaking; to say the picture quality is great is an understatement. Watching the film I felt like I was in Vegas myself. As the saying goes “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” that does not apply here because Tim Wilson the NAFCA award winning cinematographer just invited us in. With the picture quality and great camera angles you could almost feel like you were in Vegas and could virtually gamble.

VERDICT The movie excels in its delivery of dialogue. The screenplay by BJ Winfrey, Jimmy Jean Louise and Tim Wilson is good and makes the film to come alive. I must say the story line takes amazing twists and turns to include wonderfully bizarre developments. Jimmy Jean Louise is one of those actors some people like and others find excessive. I tend to like him, especially when he is consumed by love of the wife of the man he is supposed to protect. One Night in Vegas is a fantasy about characters who are allowed to try out amorality and see if they like it. The screenplay is a cleverly contrived mechanism inspired by that old joke with the punch line, "We've already established that. Now we're talking price." In this case, the price is James’ wife. Since I saw the movie, I've been involved in half a dozen discussions on the subject. Most people have said there's no way they would accept such an offer. Some people have said there are some ways in which, you know what, they just possibly might. Only one woman was unkind enough to suggest that if the choice was between being faithful to James or sinning with Jimmy Jean Louise, she'd consider it anyway. I wonder how John would feel about that one. "One Night in Vegas" is in a very old tradition, in which love is put to the test of need and desire and triumphs in the end, although not without a great many moments when it seems quite willing to cave in to passion. It is artificial and manipulative, and in the real world this sort of thing would never happen this way, but then that's why we line up at the ticket window: We want to leave the real world, for a couple of hours, anyway. One Night in Vegas was directed by John Uche and I must say this is his best works to date. Better than Mind Game and Bianca, then why is it a four star movie like Bianca? I possibly want ½ star refunds from the later. (Jokes) (Bianca was the best at the time and Nollywood USA has improved significantly and that is an understatement) This movie is definitely better than Paparazzi. This film is a step closer to Hollywood. It premiers on the 13th of September a day before the African Oscars-NAFCA in Washington DC and I strongly recommend you SEE IT. Yes see this work of art. Critics’ Recommendation: BUY IT {NFC 4 STAR RATING} Dr. Victor O. Olatoye
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BUY IT {NFC 4 STARS-R} Dr. Victor O. Olatoye


One Night in Vegas
Release Date: 2013
R Genre(s): Drama
Origin: Nollywood USA
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Language(s): English
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One Night in Vegas
Release Date: 2013
Story by: Koby Maxwell
Directed by: John Uche
Produced by: Koby Maxwell
Executive Producer: Cobs Movie Production
Screenplay by: B.J Winfrey Tim Wilson & Jimmy Jean Louis
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Edited By: Tim Wilson
Music By: Koby Maxwell, Bruce K. Garner & Xposure Entertainment
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Dir of Photography: Tim Wilson
SoundBy: Neo Kelvin
Special Effects: Tim Wilson
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Makeup By: Blackcy Brite Benson
Running Time: 120 Minutes
John Dumelo (James)
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Yvonne Nelson (Jennie)
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Jimmy Jean Louis (Nick)
Van Vicker (Tony)
Sarodj Bertin (Ashley)
Michael Blackson
Moses Efret (Doctor/Marriage Counselor)
Sahndra Fon Dufe


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